Seco Curing Oven ----- Gas Heated

Seco Curing Oven ----- Gas Heated

* Available of capacity to load 30 & 60 trousers
* Supplied along with SS Trolleys Gas train
* Designed to give Uniform temperature Safety to operator & load


Oven is design to give more consistent garment temperature through out the process. All curing ovens have the important standard features. You require to consistently produce quality wrinkle resistant garment, designed and constructed for long, hard continues use.

Variable speed process airflow control of or greater flexibility with garment and fabric type. 24 hours temperature chart recorder for permanent recording of the process temperature. Stainless Steel construction for easier cleaning and longer operation life. Available in Gas. Temperature control to maintain close temperature tolerance

Frame : The oven chamber is fabricated out of M.S.Structural steel of heavy gauge.
Construction : Exclusive construction is for superior to commonly used panel construction consist of an isolated inner oven completely surrounded by insulation to eliminate heat transfer through metal and air leakage's at panel seams, insulation floor standard.
Outer Body : Fabricated out of pre-treated heavy gauge CRCA sheet, with structural steel reinforcement on outer skin. Exceptionally heavy duct.
Door : Double door with heavy duty hinges an explosion venting latches. Large handles for easy handling, the door are mounted to a reinforcement frame to maintain squirrels.
Inner & outer door gasket, inner gasket seal directly against door plug. Outer gasket seals against inner face of oven. Door equipped with expansion joints on inner face to guarantee uniform sealing at all temperature range.
Floor : Interior floor tracks are provided in the insulation floor to accomodate loading carts with track wheel guide tracks.
Air Circulation : Airflow in the chamber is vertical down to avoid unwanted movement in the garments being processed. Air is delivered to a top plenum chamber. Where it flows down through the work area to return duck in floor. It returns to the top blower / heater compartment for re-heating and re-circulation. A damped exhaust is provided for controlling flow of fresh make up air. AIrflow in the chamber is made adjustable by opposed louvers on full coverage of supply duct work. Return duck work is suitably worked out at factory.
Insulation : 4" of non combustible and non setting blanket type's insulation. Rock wool / mineral wool / glass wool. Insulation provided on the chamber density is 2.5 kgs / cf. 4" to 6" of high temperature ceramic wool insulation provided on hot air chamber / burner chamber fir glass models.
Paints : Interior non galvanized parts finished with H.R. paints. Exterior surface finished with cleaning , degreasing, sanding two coat of red oxide. One coat of leveler, three coats of enamled paint.
Controls : Digital thermo couple actuated, temperature controller motor control push buttons. On-off heat switches easy to see pilot light, indication of Motor, burner.
Gas Models : LPG Gas at minimum 50 PSI 11 mm W.C. control panel as detailed above and safety devices as listed powered forced exhauster have 6" outlet.
Automatic preignition purge period and push button electric ignition contributes to ease of operation. Modulating gas burner is protected with electric flame safety relay.
Safety Equip. Gas Oven : Adjustable, thermo couple actuated, manual re-set excess temperature controller. Electronic flame safeguard protection, powered forced exhauster for combustion venting, exhaust air flow safety switch. Re circulation blower air flow safety, Purger timer, High gas pressure switch, Low gas pressure switch, Safety shut off main gas valve, solenoid blocking valve.

For technical data, please refer attached.


MODEL : CO - 60 G
Capacity : 60 pants at a time

Work Space

: Width : 64 "
: Depth : 78 "
: Height : 70 "
: Width : 72 "
: Depth : 92 "
: Height : 88 "
: 200 Deg. C 
: 160 Deg. C 
+ 5 Deg. C
Blower : Hot Air Recirculation
Drive : Belt Driven
Motor : 3 HP, 1440 rpm
Supply : 3 Ph, 440 V, 50 Hz.
Capacity : 2800 cfm
Pressure : 3" wc
Insulation : 4" thick
Materials : Rock Wool Pad
Heat input : LPG Burner
Model : Azur 60 (Two Stage)
Max. K. cal / hr. : 60000 k cal / hr.
KW : 70
Minimum K. Cal. / hr. : 24000
KW : 30
Max. C NM / Hr. : 7
Min. C NM / Hr. : 3.5
Max. Gas Pressure : 50 mbr
Motor Wattage : 70
Gas Line : 1"
Gas Valve : 1" BSP
Pressure Gauge : 0-100 mbar, 0-200 mbr & 0-7 kg direct mounting, bottom entry 1/2" diaphram type with needle valve.
Solenoid Valve : 1 " Flange End
Control Supply : 230 Volts
Pressure : 2 Kg.
Temperature : Ambient
Action : NC
Inlet Pressure : 200 mbar.
Working Pressure : 50 mbar.
Connection : 1" X 1" BSP
II nd Regulators : 1' BSP adjustable pressure 0-200 mbar
Ball Valve : 1" Flange End
Exhaust Blower : Centrifugal type.
Drive : Direct driven
Capacity : 1200 CFM
Motor : 1 HP Flange Mounted
Supply : 440 Volt, 3 ph, 50 Hz.